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Write a Dynamic Picture Book

- 10 Keys To Success

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Simone KaplanWelcome to Picture Book People, a service created specially for people who write or want to write picture books and who want to catch the attention of a book editor or agent, or simply want help getting started.

Children’s book editor Simone Kaplan developed this site with the express purpose of helping the creators of picture books learn more about the field. Picture Book People is a place where writers of picture books can come to get inspired and gain insights into the process of writing picture books. It is also a place where we honor not only the creative but also the technical craft of writing. Although all good writing has elements in common, picture books have their own very specific challenges and delights. Understanding them thoroughly can contribute immeasurably to the quality of your manuscript.

At Picture Book People, we’re committed to excellence. We can help you make your manuscript the best it can be.

There are two ways we can help:

The first is by helping you understand what makes a really great picture book and how you can create your own. Each month we send out a free monthly e-newsletter called Picture Book People Pointers. It is packed with hints, tips, techniques and insights which will jumpstart your creative process and inspire you to your own greatness. Subscribe by clicking in the sign-up box on the left menu.

The second is by offering you the unique opportunity to have a one hour consultation with an experienced children's book editor. Simone Kaplan has two decades of insider experience at Henry Holt and Company and HarperCollins Publishers during which she’s personally accepted, edited and rejected hundreds of children’s picture books. She knows, from beginning to end, how the words and pictures of your manuscript can jump off the page and spark the interest of an editor or agent.

Editors and publishers are always looking for wonderful manuscripts to publish, but they don’t have the time or resources to cultivate talent in the same way that they used to. Editors need you to know your craft before you send them a manuscript--and the best way to acquire this knowledge is by obtaining great editorial feedback about your writing. It is precisely this feedback that Simone Kaplan offers you.

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