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You have a story to tell

If you want to get your picturebook published, or self-published,
you need to have a strong marketable manuscript.

I can help.

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Bring your story to life

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Make It Memorable

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Enjoy the Process

Simone Kaplan

No matter where you are in the writing process,
I can help you.

Picture books may be simple to read, but they are almost never easy to write. It can be hard to know where to begin, it’s easy to get stuck in the middle—and just when you think you’re done, feedback can be confusing or even devastating.

I am Simone Kaplan, and I’ve spent over thirty years in children’s publishing, working with hundreds of writers around the world, from brand-new to best-selling authors. I know how to bring out the best in a manuscript-and an author!

I’ll help you find the story you want to tell and help you nurture it to its full potential. I will support you through the ups and downs of the writing process so that you end up with a manuscript that surprises you with its excellence. If you have been rejected by an agent or editor, I will help you gain clarity and use the rejection to fuel your process.

Let me help you make your book the very best it can be!



I will share the systems and practices I have developed over the years to help streamline and simplify your process.


I will work closely with you, encourage you through the hard parts, and help you solve story and craft issues.


I will hold you to the highest standards and gently and firmly push you to do your best work.

I’ll be with you every step of the way through the creative process.

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I’ve worked with hundreds of writers just like you to develop manuscripts that are both marvelous and marketable. Find out more about what it’s like working with me.

"Simone takes the time to understand your voice, your vision and then helps you put it into words. Whether you are new to the children’s book business, or a seasoned author, you will benefit from working with Simone. Three published picture books later I can’t imagine my life without her."

Paulette Bogan

Author of Virgil & Owen and Virgil & Owen Stick Together, Bossy Flossy

"Simone understands picture books like no-one else I know in the industry. She has the unique ability of being able to take a book from conception to completion without compromising her incredibly high standards. She knows how to marry words and pictures seamlessly. I hope I am lucky enough to work with Simone again and again." (Read more)

Trevor Romain

Author of Under the Big Sky and many others

" When Simone works with a writer, she is in their corner all the way. Working with Simone through the years has been a complete joy for me as well as many lucky authors.  Armed with Simone's solid advice, you will come away with a new confidence, and a true feeling of accomplishment.” (Read more)

Rebecca Kai Dotlich

Author of Mama Loves, Away We Go! and many others