Picture Book Prompt 43

You can never read a poem too slowly, but you can certainly read one too fast.
—Stephen Fry

This is a reading prompt rather than a writing one! Find one of your favorite picture books and read it as slowly as you can. Stop at the end of each word. Stop at the end of each line. Read it. again. Feel the language!

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Picture Book Prompt 42

“Grown-ups do a lot of complaining!” —Dav Pilkey

Grown-ups really do complain a lot!
What is it that grown-ups might complain about? How might those complaints feel or sound like to a child?

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Picture Book Prompt 41

I Can!
(Can be acted out)
I can tie my shoelace,
I can comb my hair,
I can wash my hands and face
And dry myself with care.
—Nursery rhyme

List all the things a three- or four-year-old is newly competent at doing and how they might feel about it. Write about one or all of them.

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Picture Book Prompt 40

When we are really young, adults are mysterious. . . .
We don’t know what adults are doing. And they’re hiding it from us.
—Joyce Carol Oates

Think of something that a child might imagine an adult is hiding from them.
Or how a child might imagine a perfectly ordinary adult activity.
Write about it.

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