A standard picture book is no more than 1,000 words and is intended to be heavily illustrated. If you aren’t sure, let’s talk and figure it out.

No problem -- most authors are not illustrators and do not provide illustrations. I can recommend illustrators for hire if you want to self-publish or you can simply go to agents without art -- in many cases, they prefer that. Please note: my pricing varies if you come to me with an illustrated manuscript.

All of my appointments take place via phone. If you are an international client, we can arrange to speak via Skype, WhatsApp or Zoom.

Deadlines are incredibly important to our process. In the 3x3 program, we set realistic goals so that we can keep your manuscript moving forward and layer in a level of accountability. While there is some leeway in those deadlines, I limit my flexibility so that we can stay on track with your manuscript.

I will help you in getting your manuscript to the best possible state it can be, but no, I do not make recommendations to agents or editors.

Yes! I will absolutely help authors who want to self publish. The first step remains the same: crafting a strong manuscript. Then I am happy to oversee the process in total, drawing on my network of highly skilled professionals to create a book that looks like it was published by a major publisher.  I will coordinate with you on a case-by-case basis. Let’s chat!

If you are submitting your manuscript to mainstream publishers, or agents I am happy to help you in drafting a cover letter. Query letters are not required for picture books.

Publishing is extremely subjective. I cannot guarantee your manuscript will be published. No-one can. However, I can guarantee that committed authors will end up with the best possible version of their manuscript and a better process for crafting future manuscripts. I can also promise to provide my honest opinion on whether your manuscript is ready for submission.

Perhaps something here about a much better manuscript and insight into how to repeat the process.. you’ll become a better, more skillful writer because of our process….


My hourly rate is $250/hour.

Should I put this in here? Or something like: rates are in line with what you would expect from an industry insider/publishing professional  with years of experience

Please send your work in a Word document in Times New Roman, 12 point, double spaced with a one inch margin all around.  Please do not format for text on separate pages. If you need to include art notes, please do so by including them in italics preceded by:  illo note and enclosed in parentheses.  Please number all pages and include your name, email address and phone number on the upper left hand corner of each page.

Please do not make changes to the manuscript once it has been sent.

I work on a very interactive basis: ideas and thoughts are generated in association and collaboration with you. I want to hear what your intentions are, and when we identify areas that fall short, we popcorn ideas and generate solutions together. Because the process is so dynamic, I do not provide written notes. However, you are free to record our conversations – please let me know if that is what you are planning to do.

(SBK: Rephrase question)

Much like a relationship with any other professional, the work I do is privileged and confidential. Your files will not be shared with anyone else unless you have given approval for that to happen. All material sent to me is your property.

That said, ideas cannot be copyrighted and there are many books with similar themes and ideas. What makes a work publishable is how the idea is executed. It is not necessary to copyright your manuscript. ( SBK: check this with Cynthia Frank – and check Morgan James)

I love working with authors at the very beginning of the process, well, I love every stage of the process, but if you come to me at the very beginning I might be able to save you a lot of time and energy.

I can help you outline, excavate, nurture and discover the heart of your work – what it is that you really want to say and the best structure in which to say it….  Come on over! You might be able to save a lot of time and energy! And you’ll have a process for taking your next idea from seed through fully developed manuscript.

I can also help you decide which manuscript you should be working on next. Don’t spin your wheels! We can …..

(This is still very much in development/first draft stage!)

I value your time as an author and ask that you do the same for mine. We enter into this with the intention that you are committed to bettering your manuscript, and because of that, there are no refunds. There is some flexibility in appointments, but it’s important to your success that we stick to a schedule for structure and marked improvement. In the unlikely event that you experience extraordinary or difficult circumstances that cause cancellation or delay please contact me to discuss. I aim to be fair.  SBK- think this through…


See cancellation policy above. 

Also, please be sure that you’re willing to make the commitment before signing up for any of the  packages—they offer accountability as much as anything else

The best time to get a manuscript evaluation is wherever you are

The answer is simple. The best time to get a critique is whenever you and wherever you are. I read your work You might beat the very beginning of the process with many little more than an idea and notes/  Great! Come on over! Wei I can help you outline, fill in, and get articulate the idea is informing principle of the work. I love collaborating at each phase of the process.

Are you finished with your manuscript but are tuck on one last point. Great! Com eon over. I love helping to un-know those sticky places/ dig down into those sticky palces

Are you ready to submit but want t final check? Fabulous! XXXXXXXXXXThe publishing industry is enormously competitive and editors are extremely busy/ often too busy to

From ALAN RINZLER: The level of competition in the book business today requires an author to take responsibility for producing the best possible manuscript. Publishers very rarely sign brook today that still need work. Editors who acquire books in publishing companies are doing much less if any developmental editing. That’s why successful authors ordinarily work with their own independent editor.

Have you gotten some mixed/confusing/ feedback from editors/ agents/ professional critiques? Great! I can help you demystify , figure to whether the feedback was silly a personal peccadillo – editors have the, you know—or a legitimate concern that you can address.

Any which way I’ll help you move ahead with confidence and clarity

Every writer has unique and special needs. My job is to understand what should be done and how to do it, to enter into each creative process and supply any missing elements, to do as little as necessary but offer specific page-by-page recommendations, including additions, deletions, revisions, and specific new ideas for developing the concept and ultimate manuscript. ( Shoot! I love this but dn’t know where it came from…. Need to rephrase…)