You want a manuscript that tells your best story possible.  

You want a picture book that’s marketable.  

You want your story in the hands of readers.  

Constructive Feedback

Insightful Analysis

Interactive Problem Solving

You’re a writer with ideas, passion, and a commitment to bringing your manuscript to life.

But it hasn’t happened yet...

Are you longing for a process that will lead you from idea to manuscript? 

And then a process that will lead you from mediocre manuscript to dynamic manuscript. 

Are you getting feedback from editors and agents that leaves you confused? 

Do you want to self-publish and you don’t know where to start?    


Discover the [Benefits] of [Solution]


Leverage my experience from 30 years in children’s publishing helping hundreds of authors around the world get better at what they do. (This needs to be more dynamic)

Energy & Empowerment 

Feel inspired and challenged to do your best work. Feel energized and empowered to make your manuscript something you’re truly proud of.  


Find the story you want to tell and nurture it to its fullest potential. 

Creativity enhancing, skill building, heart-expanding, creative, and consulting services.  


Picture books may be simple to read, but they are almost never easy to write. You and your manuscript deserve to partner with someone who can provide insightful encouragement and actionable support.   

I’m your secret weapon. When you work with Picture Book People, you get:   

Expertise. I’ve spent over 30 years in children’s publishing, where I’ve worked with a range of brand-new to best-selling authors. I learned the craft of developmental editing at Henry Holt + Company and HarperCollins, and refined it by working with hundreds of authors around the world.  

Energy. I’ve seen stuck. I’ve seen rejected. I’ve seen confused. Fortunately, I have the attitude and the know-how to energize and empower you to make your manuscript something you’re truly proud of -- and that children will love.  

Insight. I support the whole writer. I help you find the story you want to tell and nurture it to its fullest potential. Your work is unique, and so are you as an author. That’s why all of my services are individually tailored to what you and your manuscript need.  

As a picture book author, you’ll work hard, you’ll struggle, you’ll have doubts… but a manuscript that far exceeds your expectations will be worth it.  


Together, we’ll get you there. My process is dynamic and interactive, balancing your vision with what the market wants. We’ll bring to light the possibilities of your manuscript and clarify areas that might otherwise stay hidden. I don’t just give you notes and expect you to do it alone. I become your manuscript sherpa: your honest but kind guide, climbing the mountain with you. 

Follow the 3 Steps to [Results]

All my services start the same way: discovering where you are, getting clear on where you want to be, and figuring out the best way to get there. Book a complimentary, 30-minute consultation with me today, and we’ll do just that

Step #1

Book a complimentary consultation with me today

Step #2

We will get clear on where you are, where you want to be, and figure out the best way to get you there

Step #3

We will implement the plan we create in step 2 to get your best manuscript out of your head, on to the page, and into the world

The Feedback

Here’s what a few of our clients had to say ...

"Simone Kaplan is my “other brain”.  She understands picture books in an invaluable way. The first time we worked together I felt like the clouds parted! Simone takes the time to understand your voice, your vision and then helps you put it into words. Whether you are new to the children’s book business, or a seasoned author, you will benefit from working with Simone. Three published picture books later I can’t imagine my life without her."

Paulette Bogan

Author of Virgil & Owen and Virgil & Owen Stick Together, Bloomsbury, and Bossy Flossy, Henry Holt

"Simone is a rare person who knows how to put the right talent together.  When she first commissioned me to be an artist for the book, "Build it Up and Knock it Down", the text was so perfect to the way I worked the images just flowed.  This experience inspired me to write my own stories and Simone went above and beyond what I would have expected with her insight with her help to get numerous book offers for my first book.  She was very much a guardian angel for me." 

James Yang

Author/Illustrator of Joey and Jet, Atheneum Books

"Simone Kaplan is one of those rare editors who gets in the trenches with you by not only offering suggestions, but by finding solutions to the rough patches and places in your picture book manuscript.  When Simone works with a writer, she is in their corner all the way, working diligently to get the job of good writing and storytelling done, Working with Simone through the years has been a complete joy for me as well as many lucky authors.  Armed with Simone's solid advice, you will come away with a new confidence, and a true feeling of accomplishment.  I highly recommend tapping into Simone's knowledge of, and love for, the picture book." 

Not only is Simone warm and engaging, but, you will find, extremely focused and attentive to the project at hand." 

Rebecca Kai Dotlich

Author of Mama Loves.HarperCollins, 2004. Away We Go! HarperCollins, 2000. and many others
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Write a Dynamic Picture Book

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