Hourly Packages

My hourly packages are designed for me to support your commitment to the process and for you to set the pace in how we work through your manuscript. Choose from two basic packages:

Buy 3, get ½ hr free

Save $125 off the regular price!


Buy 6, get 1 hr free

Save $250 off the regular price!


Both of the packages give you the option of working in 30-minute chunks so you can have a 30-minute check-in or a 90-minute marathon if you so choose.

Also, do I want to include prices here? I have mixed feelings…..

Unlike my hour-long consultation [link] and 3x3 programs [link], when you purchase packages of hours, you have the flexibility to use the time in as little as 15-minute increments up to full hours at a time. My only request is that you use your hours within 12 months from the date of purchase.

This is the best way to work with me when you just want to pick up the phone to:

  • bounce an idea around;
  • get advice on where a character needs to go;
  • talk over a stumbling block that has you stuck.

With my hourly packages, I’m there to help you when you need it most -- from the largest issues to the smallest details.

While this looks different for each and every author, the result is always the same: you have a dedicated partner to help you make your manuscript stronger.

To purchase hourly packages, I must be familiar with your manuscript. Please book a 30-minute, complimentary consultation above!


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