Picture Book Prompt 57

“A stick may become:
• a fishing rod near real or imaginary water
• a spurtle* to stir “porridge” in a mud kitchen
• a tool to nudge a football that is stuck in a tree
• something to throw, float, snap, ping, bend, hide,
add to a pile, burn, tie to something else, split,
catapult or discard.”
—Theresa Casey and Juliet Robinson
* According to Merriam-Webster, a *spurtle* is a chiefly Scottish term meaning “a wooden stick for stirring porridge.” Now you know!

Set your timer for 8 minutes and, without lifting your pen from the paper—or your fingers from the keyboard—make a list of everything a stick could become during imaginary play. Choose one and create a story or picture-book manuscript around it.

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