You have a story to tell.

Let’s discover the possibilities of your picture book manuscript.

There are four ways in which we can work together:

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    Hour-long consultation:

    where you walk away with a very clear sense of how your manuscript may appear to an agent or editor, what needs to be done to strengthen your manuscript, and actionable steps to get you there.

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    3x3 program:

    where I dive right in with you and we create an ongoing creative collaboration, finding the heart of your manuscript and taking it through the necessary steps to articulate it in the best way possible.

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    Hourly packages:

    the best way to work with me if you want the flexibility to work through your manuscript at your pace, where time purchased can be used in increments of 15 minutes or more over the course of 12 months. MENTION THIS IS A MORE FINANCE FRIENDLY/DISCOUNTED WAY TO WORK

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    Self-Publish from Start to Finish:

    where I provide both creative direction as well as process oversight to take the guesswork -- and the stress -- out of self-publishing your picture book.

In each scenario, I begin with a 30-minute, no-obligation, free consultation where we:

Get to know each other

Dig into the goals for your manuscript

Talk about my process

Discuss the best way to proceed to make your manuscript the best it can be

My process is dynamic. No matter how we work together, each of our calls is made up of consistent back-and-forth that brings to light the possibilities of your manuscript and clarifies areas that might otherwise stay hidden. I know it can be anxiety-provoking to ask for feedback. I promise to be honest while being both sensitive and kind but will gently but firmly encourage you to improve/do your best work. Or you might find it challenging, but that’s how you grow. And I’ll always treat you and your work with kindness and sensitivity.

You are not alone. We’re in this together. I will de-mystify the process of creating a dynamic picture book, challenge you to stretch your boundaries, and empower you to get the best possible version of your story on the page.



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