3x3 program

In the 3x3 program, I become your manuscript sherpa, climbing the mountain with you. I will partner with you in brainstorming, discovering the perfect plot, developing the structure, and ultimately finding the heart of your manuscript and drawing it out to articulate it in the best way possible.

Your manuscript becomes my priority, too. Much like you, I wake up at three in the morning with ideas; I hop out of the shower to take notes; I often burn dinner food because my mind is on your manuscript.

In the 3x3 program, we develop a symbiotic relationship and an ongoing creative collaboration. I get right in the trenches with you.

The 3x3 process looks like this:

  • We meet three times per month for three months total.
  • Our appointments last 45 minutes each.
  • Each week, we discuss developments and upgrades to your manuscript.
  • 24-48 hours prior to our next call, you send me your updated manuscript.

We start by focusing on the biggest issues first, then gradually refine until we’ve addressed all elements and your manuscript is where you want and need it to be.

Through many years of helping successful authors develop the best manuscripts possible, I’ve found that my 3x3 program is the ideal amount of time it takes to get a manuscript into pristine shape.

If we don’t feel your manuscript is complete after three months, we can continue on a monthly basis at the same rate, or prorate for one or two more sessions. You must complete the initial three months first in order to continue in this fashion.

The cost of the 3x3 program is $449 per month or a one time fee of $1,200


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