Hour-Long Consultation

After our hour-long session together, you’ll have a very clear sense of how your manuscript may appear to an agent or editor, what needs to be done to strengthen your manuscript, and actionable steps to get you there.

These consultations are tailored to what your manuscript needs, and as such, there is no prescribed version of how the hour will go. In each case, I first begin by reading your manuscript and evaluating it in terms of several criteria including the following:

  1. idea
  2. structure/plot
  3. characters
  4. language
  5. marketability

I then provide my initial evaluation, including what’s working and what still needs to be resolved.

For some authors, this means taking an idea that’s still quite undeveloped and figuring out the story that’s waiting to be told.

For other authors, this might mean specific character development or language upgrades that can strengthen the manuscript.

In each case, our time together is spent getting clear on your story and finding the best way for you to articulate it.

Here’s a general idea of how the process goes:

  • You send me your manuscript 5-7 days prior to our call.
  • I read the manuscript and my wheels begin turning (ferociously).
  • At the scheduled time, we speak on the phone.
  • Throughout the hour, we engage in an interactive process where we articulate the challenges and map out workable solutions.
  • You leave knowing what needs to be done and how you can do it.

By the time our call is over, you’ll have a renewed sense of excitement for your manuscript, actionable steps to take to make it stronger, and a clear sense of how it might play in the marketplace.

Simone's one-hour phone consultation gave me more insight into my picture book manuscript than months of peer critique groups ever could.  Where critique groups tend to line-edit manuscripts or get hung up on personal word choices, Simone zeroed in on my manuscript's believability flaws and helped me brainstorm ways to bring my story to a satisfactory conclusion.  With her help, I now have the insight to reshape my story into something more genuine, convincing and saleable.  If you're looking for a professional with years of industry experience to help you find the heart of your story, hire Simone.  You won't be disappointed.

Kimberlee Murray


If more work is needed after the hour-long consult, I can continue as your collaborative partner through my hourly packages [link] or the structured 3x3 program. [link] I am happy to discuss what will work best for both you and your manuscript.