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Self-publishing start-to-finish

If you want to create a children’s picture book that looks just as good as the ones published by a traditional publishing house, I can help you do that with my Self-Publishing Start-To-Finish package.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to self-publish, your desire to create and publish a book may be stronger than your desire—or capacity—to handle all of the logistics of production and all the nuances of self-editing your manuscript.

I’ll take on the twin roles of editor and project manager, where I’ll help you to develop an amazing manuscript, and then I’ll manage the many moving pieces required to produce a book that looks and feels like it was produced by the pros.

Working together to self-publish your book happens in two phases.

First is the development phase.

The goal in this phase is a fabulous manuscript. I’ll help you with the conceptualizing, the developmental editing, and the line editing. I’ll give you feedback, direction and advice that can help you make your story stronger, more cohesive, and more marketable.

I’ll help you with the conceptualizing, the developmental editing, and the line editing. And we’ll do this together until you have a manuscript that’s the best manuscript you are capable of producing – and one that can be proud of - because it reflects who you are and what you want to say.

Next comes the production phase.

There are many people involved in creating and publishing a children’s picture book. Many of them are invisible, such as art directors and print managers. I know them, and I know how to work with them as well. There are countless little details involved in the publishing process. As your project manager, I’ll help coordinate those things, too.

If you’d like to save your time, energy and your sanity while maximizing the odds that your self-publishing project will reach the finish line, then I would be happy to discuss how we can work together.

We'll always start with a free call

Before signing up for the Self-Publishing “Start To Finish” package, we’ll get on the phone for a free, no-obligation call where we get to know each other. We’ll dig into your goals for your manuscript, talk about my self-publishing process and discuss the best way to proceed to make a beautifully published book a reality for you.

Alternatively, you can email me at

I look forward to working with you – and your manuscript!

Kind Words

As I started on the journey to self-publish my picture book, I quickly realized there were so many things I didn’t know. After a brief conversation with Simone, I felt like I could trust her to help me bring my vision for my story to life in a book.

Simone challenged me to dig deeper into the story, to find the essence and the emotion. I never realized it could be that difficult to write a story with so few words. Simone encouraged me when I thought I couldn’t do it. She made me a better storyteller. She pulled together a team: artist, art director, other people that I didn’t know I needed. She managed the whole project and produced a book that is absolutely magical far beyond anything I could have imagined or done myself.

— Kathy Simmers

I am so grateful that I met Simone.

I had absolutely no idea what to expect when we began. I found that there is an intimacy that involved in this process of writing a children’s book and getting a manuscript ready for publication and Simone was able to care, nurture, support, and guide with kindness, finesse, and professionalism.

Simone is a gentle and firm taskmaster, she is efficient, warm, encouraging, a real pleasure to work with and to have by my side during this process. I am deeply grateful to have worked with Simone and loved getting to know her.

I could not imagine going through this process with anyone else.

— Caren Sacks

I had quite the journey trying to publish my first manuscript. I found Simone Kaplan, through a friend who was a published author.

He described her as a beautiful character full of integrity, an amazing listener who is also responsible, intelligent and unbelievably kind.

We had our first meeting in NYC and she was exactly as described—a dream human being, great listener, rock star editor and she was interested in my work and helping me reach goals—Hallelujah!

Simone guided me through the much-needed manuscript changes, and created a safe environment for me to grow my writing skills.

I am now an author. My first children’s book, Livi and Grace was released nationally. I couldn’t be more proud of my finished product and am inspired to continue working on my second book.

— Jenn Lynch



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